They involve throbbing pain that generally occurs on one side of the head. Those diagnosed with a specific type of headache may be more prone to develop a specific type of headache after consuming alcohol. This article will explore the relationship between alcohol and headache and consider why some people develop an alcohol headache after one drink. Prolonged Alcohol Withdrawal has an alcohol withdrawal timeline that is longer than the average withdrawal of about 72 hours to a week. If you find yourself struggling to stop drinking or recognize that you have symptoms of alcohol use disorder, it’s important to reach out for help. Those triggers don’t necessarily correlate with the volume of alcohol consumed, either.

Migraine triggers, included ADs, can theoretically provoke CSD which can theoretically be responsible for MA, but also for FHM and MO. However, ethanol infusion decreases the propagation rate of CSD, indicating a decline of tissue excitability and in the CSD initiation mechanisms. For example, drinking even a small amount of alcohol decreases sleep quality. Sleep deprivation can cause negative effects such as increased blood pressure or gastrointestinal discomfort. Avoiding drinking is the best way to prevent an alcohol-related headache. Males should aim to drink two or fewer drinks daily, and females should aim to drink one or fewer. The alcohol in the blood increases more quickly with liquor than with beer.

How to Treat Alcohol-Induced Headaches and Migraines

One study from 2018 concluded that red wine is the biggest cause of headaches – with 77.8% of participants saying it was a trigger. Beer and other dark beverages are also believed to be bad if you suffer from headaches, while clearer drinks are better. Vodka and other spirits may reduce your chances of developing headaches when you drink because they contain fewer substances than darker alcoholic beverages. Or you might be fine until after your blood alcohol level returns to normal. This type of headache can happen to anyone, but people with migraines are more likely to get one. It can happen even if you drink less than people who don’t get migraine headaches.

The French seem to be able to drink red wine without the hangover headache and poor health. Scientists explored the mystery in this study about the «French paradox.»

Why Does Drinking Give Me a Migraine Headache?

Why wait for an appointment with your busy doctor when you can get seen online right away? We have lots of board-certified clinicians that conduct virtual consultations every single day. Sign up with us today and download our app to book your first appointment. You could also drink sports drinks that contain electrolytes, though be careful as they can also contain a lot of added sugar.

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In short, if you are a small person with Asian flush, it might require very few drinks to trigger an alcohol-related headache. While some people can get a headache after drinking just a small amount of alcohol, others might require more.

Avoiding The Dreaded Vodka Hangover

does alcohol cause migraines prone to headaches may be at a higher risk of experiencing alcohol-related headaches. A person may experience migraine after drinking if they are susceptible to it. Some people may experience an alcohol-related migraine between 30 minutes and 3 hours after drinking.

Yadav RK, Kalita J, Misra UK. A study of triggers of migraine in India. However, the research suggests that alcohol may not be the only trigger and may also depend on other factors. In a 2017 study, researchers found that people of East Asian ancestry drink less than members of other groups. Certain genes may influence the tendency to drink and alcohol tolerance to quantities of alcohol. This chemical is a vasodilator, which increases the size of blood vessels in the body.