He specializes in R&D initiatives, having created analytics and security front ends with JavaScript, as well as several highly scalable back-end APIs, scrapers, and computational projects how to hire a javascript developer with Node.js. Edoardo has a master’s degree in applied mathematics from the University of Warwick. Toptal’s ability to rapidly match our project with the best developers was just superb.

  • We add the survivors to our talent pool of awesome JavaScript developers.
  • In general, we evaluate candidates for more than 60 skills, data structures, algorithms, systems design, software specializations, and frameworks.
  • They appreciate our innovative approach, ability to fulfill all their needs, dedication to the work process, and capacity to establish strong personal connections and produce high-quality code.
  • Customers seek the lowest prices feasible in an effort to balance their costs and desired outcome.
  • In addition to those two, frontend developers should know such frameworks as AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS or others.
  • We are always hiring expert JavaScript developers, so we can provide advice and connect you with them.

It is vital to make a recruiting strategy in advance so that you can discover candidates with the required knowledge and skills as quickly as possible. If you launch the business from square one and don’t plan on collaborating with specialized programmers to make your system’s front or back ends, you should cooperate with a full stack specialist. Such specialists understand dataset architecture and web design but are not experts. Front-end programmers make individual components of sites and apps that buyers then deal with, applying CSS, HTML, React and JavaScript. Such specialists assist in introducing a unique website design that will operate without errors at any time of the day or night.

JS Developer Needs Good Communication Skills

Our people will focus solely on your project and you’ll be able to manage them as your own team. Still, if hiring a freelancer fits your project, we recommend looking for freelancers at Upwork and Toptal, where tech talents undergo a vetting process that guarantees you don’t hire a scammer. Nonetheless, you can’t really expect that even a professional freelance JavaScript developer will fall in love with your project for the rest of their life. In addition, the time zone difference is another problem that will prevent you from effective communication and timely updates on your project. For instance, you can hire a good JS developer in Brazil for $30-35 per hour.

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Our QA experts partner with their clients to get through complex requirements and constraints in order to drive sustained business value at an appropriate scale and speed. Utilizing client-side templates, we design SPAs to reduce the amount of complex JS code. Currently, one page applications are in vogue due to their advantages. Contact our Javascript developers to get your applications built faster. We provide feature-rich single-page applications that allow consumers to have flexible use of apps as well as give an easy-to-use linear interface.

Full-Stack JS Developer Should Know React & Redux

They include the expertise important for a candidate to work successfully. So, they have to be job-specific and are typically listed in job descriptions. Hard skills are usually gained through formal education or training programs, including short-term training classes, online courses, as well as on-the-job training.

There are plenty of offshore devs ready to dedicate themselves to your vision and use JavaScript for your startup. We surveyed over 300 representatives from world-class tech companies about their use of remote programmers and coders. We always have developers on bench, so if we have a free developer with the required skills and experience, then we can provide them for your team on the same day. However, there is a high demand for our services, so the right developers may not be available at this particular moment. In this case, the hiring process can take 2-4 weeks, but as a result, you will still get the perfect specialist for your team.

Junior JavaScript developer:

Moreover, an in-house team of developers can make changes or fix the product faster, which is also a benefit of outsourcing companies. The first thing to consider is your inability to check the code if you are not a qualified developer. One more drawback is the tendency among freelance developers to fail deadlines. It’s often the case that freelancers live in other countries, so you have different time zones, and it becomes difficult to communicate as well as manage the development process. It means that your project can be put at risk if the developer disappears.

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Due to Google’s prevalence, this search engine and other products built by Google comprise a diversity of JavaScript frameworks applied to these solutions. To illustrate, Angular, one of the JavaScript frameworks, is a great solution for customer facing solutions and websites like Google Cloud Platform and AdWords, and lots of other instruments. https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ The creation technology comprises server-side scripting, user-side coding, and database solution. You’ll be able to manage an outsourced software engineer as if they’re your in-house employee. Needless to say, there is no chance you can keep your JS developer in the line of sight, which is why some risk of miscommunication is present.

How do I hire JavaScript developers?

Our Senior JavaScript Developers leverage an advanced tech stack to develop criteria-aligned and result-oriented solutions. Combine Vue and JavaScript to form robust & scalable websites by hiring our JavaScript Programmers at the most reasonable hourly rates. Develop mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms using the same code with React and JavaScript with the help of our JavaScript Engineers. Our Remote JavaScript Developers help you to develop customized web or mobile apps with your preferred tech stack and APIs.

Secondly, based on the findings, our JavaScript Engineers create a blueprint of your project’s technical architecture and tool requirements. As per the recruiting platform Devskiller, 72% of companies are looking to hire JavaScript developers. If you plan on getting the best JavaScript developer who is comfortable working in your timezone at half a price, try Turing.com. In this guide, we have listed down the major recruiting points on how to hire JavaScript developers in 2023 to scale up your development team. Alexandr has 6+ years of experience in software development working with technologies such as JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, React, and PostgreSQL.


Since launching the platform built by EVNE Developers, LLC, the client started getting more than 1,000 users monthly with a retention rate of more than 70%. The team clearly understands the client’s vision for the platform and delivers. EVNE Developers is a reputable company to hire JavaScript expert, and our clients have given us a perfect satisfaction score. They appreciate our innovative approach, ability to fulfill all their needs, dedication to the work process, and capacity to establish strong personal connections and produce high-quality code. Hiring a JavaScript developer who can communicate well with both technical and non-technical team members is important. Our developers are able to explain technical concepts in simple terms, collaborate with other team members, and provide updates on their progress.

hire javascript programmer

You may recruit independent workers to take part in large-scale projects, and if they show promising results, you can agree on long-term cooperation with such specialists. The hiring procedure isn’t cheap, so plan in advance each stage and requirements for potential candidates. Reach us via the contact page or live chat in the right bottom corner to ask for help. Our project managers will care for every aspect of your project while you’ll get timely updates on its progress. Hiring a freelancer is fine for a JavaScript project in case you have a little task to complete within a short term. Under any other circumstances, hiring a freelancer isn’t your story.

How to Hire JavaScript Developers: A Detailed Guide in 2023

Hire certified JavaScript developers that have experience in developing high-performing, stable, secure, and highly dependable JavaScript websites. I was looking for a backend rails developer to lead the charge on developing our APIs and platform integrations. We reached out to Lemon.io and they found the perfect engineer in a day.